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Craps Game Play: Stanford Wong-The Magician Of Blackjack

Stanford Wong is the man who is really a magician of Blackjack. His name and winning blackjack is used synonymously. In card game craps game play language, wonging means a technique for counting points which is very important and meaningful for success in blackjack. Stanford Wong is a renowned man in the world for his books over blackjack winning techniques.

History of Stanford Wong

John Ferguson is the real name of this great man of brilliance. He is the writer of the series of blackjack books. He takes the name Wong for these special books. But the history of his name is a little older. He took this name from his school. He has got the natural perception for understanding and winning cards and gambling. This power of John Ferguson has been revealed in school life. He is now one of the most experienced men in cards and gambling. He has also made the first blackjack analyzer tool named “Blackjack Analyzer”. This tool is fully computerized.


The method of counting cards without sitting for the game is called wonging. The way is to stand nearby and watching the count. When the count is less risky and high, then one could enter into the game. Several successful blackjack teams are made on the basis of his concept. The concept is to sit and gamble with certain positioning of the players as well as generate high count by betting at low stakes. And when the table is favorable, a partner of the team will join the game and win large amounts.

Today’s Stanford Wong

On different Blackjack tournaments, Stanford Wong is a familiar face. He craps game play is also an author of a blackjack newsletter. A new book named “Wong on Dice” written by Stanford is on the market. This book will show the way to defeat the game of craps.

The legacy of Stanford Wong

Within blackjack community, Stanford Wong is a man of honor. His theories and ideas play major craps game play roles in different card games. Even in today’s world, card counters from all over the world use his techniques provided in Blackjack Analyzer. You can see the example at live online blackjack tables.